ZEX™ has designed a new version of the advanced LS Series Perimeter Plate Nitrous System.

The complete, race-ready ZEX™ LS Series Perimeter Plate Nitrous System uses three cutting-edge technologies to provide optimum spray efficiency and fuel distribution . These new kits use Perimeter Injection™ Technology utilizing 12 injection points to create a 360-degree, perfectly atomized blend of fuel and nitrous that generates maximum power without sacrificing engine safety. Cryo-Sync™ Technology routes the nitrous through a set of internal passages before spraying in the engine to allow the nitrous to drop to -127°F, which cools the throttle body and intake manifold. Airflow Enhancement™ Technology injects nitrous at an optimized angle, toward the center of the intake plenum to create a pocket of intense low pressure below the throttle body while the nitrous is sprayed. The low pressure area enhances airflow into your engine to improve power. These three advanced technologies maximize boost potential while maintaining the safety of your engine. Adjustable from 100-250 horsepower, the system provides optimum spray efficiency and fuel distribution.