The Next Generation Flexible Connector

The new HD Clamp from Vibrant Performance is the work of many years of testing and performance of their VanJen clamp. The high-strength, anodized billet aluminum clamp is a true showpiece with even greater race capacity! You can easlily retrofit and upgrade from existing VanJen clamps to the new HD Clamp. The Heavy-Duty clamp you’ve been waiting for is here.

Vibrant Performance Clamping Systems are constructed entirely from 6061 aluminum and provide leak-free “modular” connections that are capable of withstanding up to 800psi of boost pressure and temperatures up to 400 degrees F.

The NEW HD Clamping System’s robust billet aluminum design is ideal for race applications with highly advanced pressurized air applications and turbo intake charge piping. The existing VanJen Clamp is ideal for street applications where silicone couplers may not offer the best solution. Both clamps perform great and provide a professional show-like finish to your engine bay. They are available in diameters that support O.D. tubing ranging from 2″ to 4″.