The NHRA’s 2020 Pro Modified season, the first since the Real Pro Modified Association, will take on a new look with two new combinations.

In an unpublicized statement, NHRA’s tech department courtesy of their website confirmed the series will now allow the centrifugal supercharger as well as larger displacement nitrous engines.

The centrifugal supercharged engines will be limited to 526-cubic inches in displacement while the nitrous engines will be allowed as large as 960 cubic inches.

“The Centrifugal Supercharger combination will be limited to the Procharger F3R/X-140 head unit (part number PC314A-140/PC316A-140), choice of three different ProCharger Crankdrive gear drive units (4CD-BAE-3-1.40, 4CD-TFX-3-1.40, 4CD-NON-3-1.40,4CD-BBC-3-1.40) and a inlet bell mouth (part number AF006A-027). All Centrifugal Superchargers must remain unmodified and factory sealed. Intercoolers will be prohibited.”

NHRA confirmed additional rules will be announced in the coming weeks.