Silverback carbs wins SEMA Best New Racing Product 2015 and runner-up for Best Engineered New Product 2015.

The Silverback carb provides incredible performance, easy tuning, and “More Power” than any carb of its CFM size, but it also has “incredible good looks” to boot. This carb has gone through 4 years of testing and 4 expensive prototype designs “perfecting the Science”. Our Gen 5 production carb has passed all criteria checkpoints with flying colors and is ready to impress.

This unique “SEMA” award winning “Performance Product of the Year” was not built on a whim, but with intent, focus, and relentless determination to deliver something very special to an “outdated” induction design. This new design has gone through many testing and design stages in perfecting the ultimate tuners carb. It tunes quickly “without” tools or fuel on your fingers with external clicker adjustments in seconds. Literally, it’s as easy as turning the water faucet off and on.

All the “science is on the inside”, and the tuning was designed around the KISS method (keep it simple, stupid). When you make adjustments, it “literally” talks to you. You can hear it, feel it, and see the difference. Its wide tuning range will impress you, because it runs as clean at 10.5-1 AFR as traditional carbs do at 13.5-1. Under power, it will allow you to run super clean from 10.5-1 to over 15-1 AFR. It’s really that flexable! Literally in a very short period of time, you can tune it to what performs best for your application, with easy, simple to understand external fuel and air adjustments.

Technology “Fueled” by Innovation designed specifically for strip, drags, ovals, off-road and marine. Suitable for 300-1,000hp applications. Industry-first variable flatslide venturi with an adjustable-strip CFM from 600–850 and race CFM from 950–1,200 with temperature and altitude compensation. Real gains of 20–50 hp.