Whammerdyne Inc. the manufacturer of II MUCH brand products has decided that a defect which relates to motor vehicle safety may exist in certain II MUCH Fuel/Differential vents manufactured after June 1, 2014.

Effected Products:

  1. P/N 100016, VSB (previously know as “BH Fuel/Differential Vent”) Recall Campaign 18E-009
  2. P/N 100034, VSR (previously named “DM Fuel/Differential Vent”) Recall Campaign 18E-008

Why is a recall being conducted?
A defect exists which may cause II MUCH Fuel/Differential vents to leak gasoline or lubricant from the assembly joint. Exposure of gasoline or lubricant to an ignition source may cause fire without warning resulting in loss of vehicle control, life, and property.

What is being done about the problem?
Whammerdyne Inc. is voluntarily recalling the products and offering a redesigned replacement at no charge. The replacement will have a new part number which will distinguish it from the recalled unit.

What should you do?

If your II MUCH Fuel/Differential vent is currently installed in a vehicle, cease operation of the vehicle and remove the unit immediately. The vent line should be returned to original equipment configuration while awaiting the replacement unit — if this is not possible, some other method should be used to safely vent the fuel tank or equipment.

No special tools or equipment are required to remove and replace the II MUCH Fuel/Differential Vent.

How can you exchange your II MUCH Fuel/Differential Vent?
Visit where you can begin the exchange process.