NHRA announced the rules and requirements for the 2016 Pro Stock category in their transition to electronic fuel injection (EFI). The sanctioning body has named Holley as the sole provider of the components of the electronic fuel injection system. The complete rules and requirements are available from NHRARacer.com for download.

The changes in the category will make the engines more relevant from a technology standpoint. In order to reduce and control costs for the race teams, an NHRA-controlled 10,500 Rev Limiter will be added to the fuel injection systems.

The change to EFI in the factory hot-rod category is among several changes to the category. NHRA required teams to back their racecars into the pits and leave engines uncovered beginning at the NHRA Sonoma Nationals. A rule was also created to discontinue the practice of crew members standing beside the cars to hold them in place as they begin their burnouts. It was also mandated for teams to create automobile manufacturer identification headers visible on the racecars’ windshields up to a maximum of 4.500 inches high, but not smaller than 2.125 inches.

Beginning in 2016, NHRA also will require Pro Stock teams to remove all hood scoops and reduce the length of the wheelie bars to a length specified by the NHRA Tech Department.

 Engine Control Unit:
  Holley HP ECU part number 554-129 mandatory
  EFI closed loop functionality permitted
 Rev Limiter:
  NHRA hard limiter set to 10,500 rpm
  Teams have the ability to set soft limiter to desired rpm level
 Throttle Body:
  Holley part number 112-123 mandatory (25 sq. inches)
  Must be mounted forward facing and remain in the engine compartment
 Fuel Injectors:
  Holley part number 522-568 mandatory
  Maximum of 8 injectors permitted
  Must be mounted externally on intake manifold runners
  Injector tips may not be modified and diffuser plates may not be added
  Use of standard Holley supplied extenders only permitted
 Holley HP Smart Coil-Near-Plug Smart Coil (8 ea.) Holley part number 556-112 mandatory
 Fuel Delivery System:
  90 psi Max
  Earl's Performance Dry Break Coupler part number JV270204RL mandatory
  Coupler must be remotely mounted on the fuel line between the fuel pressure regulator and fuel rail
  Coupler must be easily accessible by NHRA Technical Department
  Must be original OEM design, any variations to the hood must be submitted by the OEM and accepted by NHRA Technical Department prior to running in competition
  Maximum hood height from ground will be determined at a later date
 Air Intake:
  Must be located below top of front grill
  Opening in body (location and dimensions) must be submitted by the OEM and accepted by NHRA Technical Department prior to running in competition
 Sensors (mandatory):
  Holley Hall Effect Crank Sensor Holley part number 554-118
  Holley Hall Effect CAM Sensor Holley part number 554-127