The passion for the automobile runs deep in NextX Car Club.

It all started in 1999 when a group of local auto enthusiasts attending SCSU formed ‘High Rollers’. The original founding members of Tyler W., Luke O., Heath W. and their crew had a mixture of domestic and import cars. After getting deeper into the import racing scene they decided to change the name to ‘X-Rated Car Club’.

In 2001, the movie “The Fast and the Furious” caused the local import scene to blow up. The ‘X-Rated Car Club’ grew and expanded rapidly holding some of the fastest imports in Minnesota and the Midwest running 11 seconds in the quarter mile.

A few years later the founding members transitioned to handing over the reins to Justin Fox Hall, Tyler Anderson and Cory Kirchner for the next chapter in ‘X-Rated Car Club’. At that time the club’s name was changed to ‘NextX Car Club’ and the ‘X’ from the original name was carried through to the current logo. 

Now entering their 20th year, NextX Car Club has grown into a close family of friends with widespread automotive passions: classic to modern, domestic to import, 8 second drag cars to show cars, exotics to street bikes and everything in between.

Ford vs Ferrari – Parkwood 17

NextX Car Club have hosted multiple local car shows and have donated all the money to local charities. To date they have raised over $6,000 in donations. In the coming years, NextX Car Club is looking forward to continued work with and support of other MN based clubs, hosting and attending all types of shows and attending cruises and race events in the state.

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