Muscle Car Mafia

Formed in very late 2009 a group of friends and family joined together to celebrate living the drag racing and classic car lifestyle.  By early 2010 Muscle Car Mafia was born.

Since it’s inception, the club has expanded to over 40 members without actively recruiting.  Membership stretches from all over Central Minnesota.  With an emphasis on “rubber to the road”, Muscle Car Mafia is club that puts on miles.

The miles rack up whether it’s cruising Main Street, the back roads, or hitting the drag strip. MCM is a year round club that goes out rain or shine. The only thing that stops them is snow and ice. Even then they get together over the winter and ‘bench race’ about the next project, modification or just like being around great people that truly live a lifestyle centered on cars and trucks with American made vintage or modern horsepower.

Muscle Car Mafia contact information and scheduled events.

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