MSD to warranty, service and repair all existing Mallory products.

MSDP Group LLC (“MSDP” or the “Company”), a global leader in aftermarket performance vehicle ignition and tuning technology, today announced the decision to merge two leading companies in performance automotive ignition — MSD and Mallory — by the end of the first fiscal quarter of 2015. The two storied brands bring together more than a century of innovation and expertise.

As part of the merger, all Mallory products will be manufactured exclusively under the MSD brand. MSD will honor warranties for all existing Mallory products as well as offer service and repair. MSD will also continue to make available Mallory distributor replacement parts such as caps, rotors, points and nearly 100 other components.

“We are incredibly grateful for our loyal, performance-focused customers, and proud of our dedicated employees who work tirelessly to help the MSD brand consistently reach new heights, we plan to keep on developing new ideas and look forward to seeing how we can apply what we’ve learned to the rest of the company as we continue to bring great products and experiences to our customers. MSDP is committed to continuing the 90 year legacy of Mallory and would like to thank Mallory customers for their continued loyalty during this transition.”

Rick Ruebusch – MSDP Group LLC CEO

MSDP is committed to executing against its long-term strategy of driving profitable top line sales, powered by its premium brands and innovative ability to reach customers in new and differentiated ways. Going into the new fiscal year, the company will focus on its portfolio of ten brands: MSD®, Racepak®, Superchips®, Edge®, ACCEL®, Mr. Gasket®, Hays®, Lakewood®, Proconnect* and QuickTime®.

About MSDP Group LLC

MSDP, headquartered in El Paso, Texas, operates in the street enthusiast, professional racer and powersports markets, where they maintain industry-leading market share positions across all of their product categories under widely known and respected brands:

MSD® – The highest performing fuel and ignition products in the industry, MSD offers a wide variety of components for fuel and ignition systems including, programmable ignition controls, coils, distributors, ignition wire and complete electronic fuel injection systems.

Racepak® – A leading line of data loggers, displays, sensors, cables and modules for data monitoring and acquisition in race vehicles across a wide range of motorsports.

Superchips® – A forerunner in performance tuning of computer controlled vehicles, Superchips offers high performance power programmers for a wide range of cars, trucks, SUVs and motorcycles.

Edge® – A leader in performance truck tuning, Edge provides tuning modules, gauges and monitors for gasoline and diesel powered trucks and SUVs.

ACCEL® – A line of high performance ignition systems and components including digital fuel injection systems, fuel injectors, coils, distributors, caps, rotors, ignition wires and spark plugs.

Mr. Gasket® – A legendary name in performance auto parts, Mr. Gasket provides a variety of racing products including engine components, Ultra-Seal gaskets, fasteners, fuel accessories, chrome-plated accessories, chemicals and more.

Hays® – Known for performance clutches and flywheels, Hays offers a wide range of high-performance clutches for street and track racing.

Lakewood® – Safety and suspension products including SFI approved bellhousings and various racing products.

Prestolite ProConnect – Premium ignition wire sets and cables for the replacement market.

QuickTime® – Leading manufacturer and supplier of lightweight bellhousings and flexplates for the racing industry.