KP Components replacement rear frame and 4-link suspension system provides a substantial performance upgrade for 1963-1972 Chevrolet C10 pickups; perfect for long-to-short bed conversions. Frame clips ship factory welded and feature mandrel-bent, 2” x 4”, boxed-tubing frame rails in under-bed or through-bed configuration. The advanced 4-link suspension is extremely adjustable with multiple mounting positions to allow suspension geometry changes, and adjustable lower shock mounts that enable 3-1/2” of ride-height adjustment without affecting available suspension travel. Optional panhard bar or Watts link locaters control side-to-side movement, greatly improving handling characteristics. Systems include VariShock billet-aluminum coil-over or air-spring shocks in factory-valved, single- or double-adjustable versions with choice of coil-over spring rate.


  • Extremely versatile system for street or pro-touring performance
  • VariShock billet-aluminum coil-over or air-spring shocks
  • Panhard bar or optional Watts link
  • Short-bed truck benefits with easy to install system
  • Mandrel-bent 2” x 4” frame
  • Adjustable 4-link geometry
  • 3-1/2” ride-height range
  • Frame clips ship factory welded
  • Ships via truck in heavy-duty cardboard crate

Under-Bed Frame Design

(Ride Height: 3 to 6” lower than stock)
Frame and suspension fits cleanly below stock bed without modification. Provides more modern vehicle stance when paired with front lowering springs or dropped spindle package. Suspension travel and ride quality is same as through-bed frame design; only ride height range differs (4” higher).

Through-Bed Frame Design

(Ride Height: 7 to 10” lower than stock)
Frame arch and upper shock mounts sit above stock bed floor; requires modification to bed. Provides aggressive pro-touring vehicle stance for lower center of gravity and improved handling or maximum body drop with air-spring package and dropped crossmember front suspension.

Simple Installation

The factory frame is cut at the cab, rearward of the cab mount. Heavy-duty replacement cab mounts optionally available. The KP frame inserts into the factory channel and is located using existing holes. After drilling a few additional holes and bolting the rail together, a series of rosette and stitch welds solidify the union.

The various configuration and component options make the KP frame clip and suspension an extremely versatile system for street or pro-touring performance.