Holley is pleased to announce that Holley EFI has been selected by the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) to power all Pro Stock teams starting in 2016. NHRA Pro Stock is the world’s premier professional class of full-bodied “door slammer” drag race cars and Holley EFI will be controlling both the fuel injection and ignition in these incredible machines.

NHRA made the announcement official on August 13, 2015. Pro Stock’s transition to electronic fuel injection is part of several changes the NHRA is making in an effort to make the class more relevant from a technology standpoint, increase spectator appeal, and enhance the overall pit experience for fans of the 200-mph factory hot rod class.

“Holley has proven success in providing spec EFI systems in other forms of motorsports, they will also provide a high level of technical support to the Pro Stock teams during the transition and into the future.”

Tim White – NHRA Director of Engineering

The Holley system that the NHRA Pro Stock teams will use is the same system that can be found on GM’s successful COPO Camaro factory drag race car, ARCA stock cars that are running the new ARCA/Ilmor 396 engine, as well as on thousands of sportsman race cars, off road trucks and others around the world. It is virtually the same system that can be purchased by any racer or automotive enthusiast to put on their vehicle.

“We are extremely gratified to have Holley EFI selected to power the best of the best drag race cars in the world. We’ve worked very hard to make Holley EFI products capable, robust, easy to use, and cost effective. We continue to have great success in a wide variety of motorsports with our EFI and having it selected by the NHRA for use in Pro Stock further demonstrates the capability of our systems.”

Tom Tomlinson – Holley President and CEO

Teams will have the remainder of 2015 to prepare and make the switch to be ready for the first race of the year in February 2016.

“The change in NHRA Pro Stock from carburetors to EFI is exciting, Holley has strong working relationships with many of the Pro Stock teams through our carburetor program, but now we are glad to be working closely with all of the teams. They are some of the most technically advanced race teams in the world, so making the switch to EFI will be no problem. With features like the ability to tune fuel and timing per cylinder and per gear the teams will be able to optimize their combinations in ways previously not possible with carburetors.”

Robin Lawrence – Holley EFI Technical Sales and Motorsports Manager