Helping Hand For Haulers: SEMA Action Network (SAN) Issues Online Guide to Motorsports Racing Trailer Laws

Racing enthusiasts may sometimes be issued a citation because their trailer is too long, the tow vehicle does not have a DOT number, or for other related issues. The SEMA Action Network (SAN) website now provides guidance on how to avoid these situations. Adding to a stout arsenal of web-based legislative tools, a new resource was created to help the motorsports community understand state and federal laws governing trailers and tow vehicles. The material is posted in the “RESOURCES” menu under “Motorsports Trailers”. Here is a direct link:

When issued, citations generally fall within two categories:
1) the size of the trailer violated state law, or 2) the vehicle/trailer combination was considered “commercial” by enforcement authorities but had not been registered with the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) or a state-equivalent agency.

As you will see, the webpage divides the resource material into three sections: a comparison of state laws, folders containing laws/regulations for each individual state, and an explanation of federal laws triggered by commercial activity or vehicle weight. As the 2016 season approaches, hopefully this information will help racers of all types better prepare for the journey ahead.