Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a car club, how do I join?
No, we are not a car club. Think of us as that spot next to the door covered with car show flyers at your local 10,000 Auto Parts store back in the 80s. Same concept – get other people aware of car clubs, shows and events.

You can bookmark our website and check our online calendar for events or ‘like’ our Facebook page and “follow” us on Instagram and Twitter. If you wish to share your car show flyer with us, either post it in the Facebook Community group or email it to us.

What does it cost?
Nothing, all our services are absolutely free, you can even get a free 320 Street Cars decal for your car or toolbox.

How long have you been doing this?
We have been doing this passively since July 1988 as part of Granite City Performance. In 2013 it was decided to take a more active approach and split the task to 320 Street Cars. Just recently, with a little bit of website trouble in 2019, the 320 website is now completely independent of GCP.

Do you have any events?
Once a year in July for Collector Car Appreciation Day, we sponsor an old-school cruise on Division Street in Saint Cloud.

How do I get a decal?
Decals can be ordered from the GCP website. Occasionally through out the year we will do a free decal promotion – watch the 320 Street Cars Community group on Facebook for details.

Can you sponsor my racecar?
No, we do not do sponsorships but we can “feature’ you car, car club or business by doing a write-up. The article will get published to our website, the 320 Street Cars Facebook page and to Twitter.

Is this only for the 320 area?
No. We relay national news related to the car community, promote the SEMA Action Network and attempt to include all of Minnesota and most of North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa and Wisconsin.