Modern suspension technology and top-tier manufacturing quality are no longer exclusive to the small group of popular and pricey mainstream vehicle models.

With minimal time and effort, Chassisworks pro-touring torque-arm system can be adapted to fit just about any muscle car, street rod, truck, or custom car project. For those willing to take on a clean slate approach to achieve greater power handling and a stiffer chassis, the torque arm system is also available as a complete 3×2″ boxed rear frame clip. Performance benefits of either system includes increased torque capacity, immediate acceleration/deceleration response, and precise throttle steer control in high-performance driving applications. Designed for use with Ford 9” or Chassisworks direct-fit FAB9 housings, the torque arm bolts to the pinion gear support and weld-on serrated brackets below the housing. The front poly-eye or pivot-ball sliding link mounts to the chassis via Chassisworks optional weld-in removable crossmember. Lateral locating device options include universal-fit Watts link, with billet-steel roller-bearing pivot, or panhard bar kit.

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