Upgraded Components for Replacing the Factory Fulcrum and Bearings

Crane Cams introduces our new LS1 Rocker Arm Upgrade Kit. It is a “must do” recommendation to change out the factory LS Series V-8 rocker arm components whenever a new performance camshaft and/or new increased pressure valve springs are installed in the engine. The GM LS-Series rocker arms use “powder metal” fulcrums and uncaged “loose” needle bearings. These factory components need to be replaced with the upgraded Crane fulcrums made from 8620 heat treated billet steel and using new fully caged needle bearings.

This simple performance upgrade will ensure the durability of the rocker arms system with the added RPM potential provided by the new camshaft and valve spring change. The Crane Rocker Arm Upgrade Kit is easily installed into the factory rocker arm bodies. The kit contains sixteen 8620 billet steel fulcrums, thirty-two precision tolerance caged needle bearings, with thirty-two new bearing retaining circlips and new hold down bolts. Compete instructions are provided. This additional reliability to the rocker arms will ensure that the engine will reach the full potential of increased RPM and horsepower.