Crane Cams is introducing the new Energizer Series of Retro-Fit Hydraulic Roller Lifters for high performance street engine applications.

Your favorite high performance Muscle Car, custom Street Rod, or high torque towing vehicle can be moved into the 21st Century. The Energizer Series of lifters are offered for several popular engine applications.

You will now be able to convert your early model engine from a flat tappet design to the modern hydraulic roller valve train system; providing a reduction in friction, an increased RPM range with enhanced horsepower and torque. There is normally no machining required, these tie-bar design lifters are an easy “drop-in” conversion allowing you to take advantage of the modern hydraulic roller camshaft technology.

Note: Energizer lifter body is made from 8620 billet steel, heat treated for 50-55 HRc case hardness for reduced wear. Using .700” diameter needle bearing roller wheel. Recommended for street high performance engines with compression ratios up to 10.5:1, using camshafts up to 230°/240° duration @ .050” with up to .350” to .365” lobe lift, operating in the 5,500 RPM range and using valve springs with up to 360 lbs open tension.