For nearly 20 years, the COMP Cams® Pro Magnum™ design has been the world’s best selling steel rocker arm. You might be asking yourself: “Why change anything? It’s still a best-seller!” The answer is simple. As innovators, the engineers at COMP Cams® constantly seek ways to move valve train technology forward, and that’s exactly what happened—they developed a revolutionary stud-mount rocker that is both stronger and more efficient than its best selling predecessor.

Through the use of Computer Aided Design, our engineers were able to restructure this rocker arm with an advanced web-like structure to add strength where needed and reduce mass in low stress areas, resulting in maximum lift and valve train control at high rpm. With increased retainer and valve spring clearances, the patent-pending Ultra Pro Magnum™ Rocker Arms exploit the benefits of larger diameter valve springs, retainers, and locks, without any clearance or fitment issues. They also feature a new black oxide finish that not only looks good, but also sheds oil, allowing for a cleaner and more efficient valve train.

The major difference between steel and aluminum as a material is durability. Steel has a safe stress point; aluminum does not. With every cycle an aluminum rocker arm endures, it moves one step closer to failure. The “Magic of Steel” is that as long as it cycles at less than maximum failure point, it can cycle for virtually a lifetime without failure. Another advantage of steel rocker arms is the ability to remain rigid and not flex with increasing rpm. Why do you think bridges and buildings are made of steel? The new Ultra Pro Magnum™ Rocker Arm is made of 8650 chromemoly steel, which is 300% stronger than extruded 7075-T6 aluminum; the strongest of aluminum materials. Therefore, unlike aluminum rockers, the new Ultra Pro Magnum™ Rocker Arm offers rigidity for maximum lift, limited flex and cycle strength that will last a lifetime.

In the palm of your hand or on a scale, of course they are. However, COMP Cams® engineers used CAD and FEA technology to completely redesign the Ultra Pro Magnum™ Rocker Arm by adding strength where needed and reducing mass in low stress areas. Doing so reduced deflection from the fulcrum point to the roller tip. As a result, Ultra Pro Magnum™ Rocker Arms weigh 5% less at the valve than most aluminum rocker arms, which translates into more rpm and increased valve train reliability.

Designed using FEA stress analysis and extensive Spintron® and dyno testing, the Ultra Pro Magnum™ Rockers are proven to be 29% stiffer than the originals. In addition, the advanced web-like design not only reduces the mass moment of inertia and improves dynamic balance, but it also increases rocker arm strength and rigidity. Another interesting feature is the oversized trunion and precision sorted needle bearings for use with high load valve springs. The hardened roller tips reduce friction and elimination of premature valve guide wear.

Like the previous generation, the new Ultra Pro Magnum™ Rocker Arms feature a fully rebuildable design. COMP Cams® will disassemble and inspect the rocker arm, replace the roller tip, axle, trunion and bearings to make your rockers like new. And with a nearly unbreakable investment cast 8650 chromemoly steel body, these new rockers are nearly indestructible! As further testament to the strength of this innovative design, we include a lifetime warranty against the breakage of the rocker arm body—for any reason. This may very well be the last rocker arm you’ll ever have to buy! The new COMP Cams® Ultra Pro Magnum™ Rocker Arms are available for most popular Chevy and Ford, street and race engine applications. Visit us online or call our toll free CAM HELP® service today to let our experienced valve train technicians help you pick the best rocker arm for your application.