Anyone working on a restomod or custom racing project will understand the frustration that comes with finding parts and understanding what is compatible. Manufacturers offer a variety of components that differ only slightly from each other, and when you are working with really-tight tolerances, it’s never a good idea to take gamble on parts fitment. This is the reason why Chris Alston’s Chassisworks has created their new catalog: “The Everything Guide”.

“The design makes it easy to thumb-through our products, we have over 10,000 finished products that we sell, everything from chassis parts and rollcages, to back half kits and wheel tubs. Our complete printed catalogs got too expensive to print and mail, as they were up to about 1,400 pages to cover everything.”

Lino Chestang – Chassisworks

When it got too cumbersome and too expensive, Chassisworks switched to CD at first, but they didn’t feel those were as impressive as a handout that included photos.

It’s a challenging task for Chassisworks to make a straight-forward and easy to use catalog, since some of their customers are looking for simple, bolt-on, OEM style parts, while drag race guys are looking for parts that will not fit any stock application. That is the issue that this guide tries to overcome. The guide does a whole lot more than just show you what parts are available.

“Each thumbnail in the guide represents about 50 or more products, we made this to try to present a whole bunch of information in an easy to navigate system. It makes it easy to visually identify what you need. If you have a specific suspension system, everything compatible with that system is grouped together.”

Lino Chestang – Chassisworks

The Everything Guide can be found on the Chassisworks website. It is also available in the form of a printed, 88 page book. The guys at Chassisworks want you to be able to quickly look through the guide and find anything you need by pictures.