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America’s Car Museum Exhibit to Honor Steve Saleen

Saleen Automotive will be featuring 17 of its iconic sports cars at America’s Car Museum in an exhibit that details the brand’s rich 35-year history, starting November 16th.

Steve Saleen

Steve Saleen, a race car driver turned specialized vehicle manufacturer, started modifying Ford Mustangs in 1984 for higher performance. The brand went on several decades later to produce the Saleen S7, which has set records on tracks such as Nürburgring, Daytona, Silverstone and more.

“Having Steve’s collection showcase at the museum is a really amazing opportunity for us, Saleen is one of the most exciting figures in the industry, and we’re delighted that ACM gets the exclusive opportunity to share his story.”

Scot Keller – America’s Car Museum Curator of Exhibits

Activities at America’s Car Museum will include an opportunity to meet Steve Saleen at a meet-and-greet event over coffee and donuts. Attendees of the meet-and-greet will also be invited to walk the latest exhibit of racing and road vehicles from the Saleen collection.

“This is more than a chance for the community to get up close to some of the most extraordinary cars in the world, this is also an opportunity for young people to see that there’s a clear career path in automotive technology and people like Steve Saleen are the role models.”

Jennifer Maher – America’s Car Museum CEO

In addition to multiple generations of Mustangs, Saleen’s S7 and the mid-engine Saleen 1 will be on display in the exhibit.

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