1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass
Chris Gutknecht – Saint Cloud

Engine: 2010 6.2L LS3 engine block, 4.8L crankshaft, Callie’s connecting rods, forged Wiseco pistons, GPI SS3 camshaft, Trick Flow GenX 255 cylinder heads that have been worked over by MAMO Motorsports with upgraded trunnions and hardened pushrods. Holley LS3 carb intake with a Holley 750cfm carb fed by twin Holley 110 fuel pumps. Long-tube headers with 3” exhaust.

Drivetrain: TH-400 transmission, 4.10:1 12-bolt rear end with a full spool and Strange Engineering axles, 315/60R15 rear tire

Body / Chassis: 6 point cage, fiberglass front and rear bumpers, fiberglass front fenders and hood, full Lexan window kit…

Tires For Taylor, 2019

Here’s a video of a third gear burnout Chris did at Tires for Taylor a few weeks ago… he burned off a brand new pair of tires in 34 seconds… shifted into 3rd at 18 seconds… wheel speed was around 165mph when the tire blew!

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